SPIN S.r.L. , a company operating in Italy and in several european and extra-european countries, was established in 1985 as a society to design industrial automations and process controls. Since the beginning the company aimed to provide its customers with the most advanced technologies to achieve an efficient production system and total manufacturing quality.

Thanks to this winning company philosophy and to the presence of technical personnel with more than 30 years of experience, SPIN S.r.L. has grown rapidly attuned to the market, expanding both structure and personnel.

As of today, SPIN S.r.L.can offer to customers a series of technologically advanced services to effectively address, in a rational and affordable way, the needs of industrial automations and process controls, thus maintaining high quality final products.
The great flexibility and variety of technologically advanced proposals deriving from years of experience in the sector of industrial automation designs allows SPIN S.r.L. to develop and realize the design more attuned to the customer and, thanks to the collaboration with the latter, to optimise and reduce manufacturing times.

With this in mind, a close collaboration relationship is established with the customer, offering support from the project development activities to its final completion.

SPIN S.r.L.’s strong experience is consolidated in the sectors of wooden panels manufacturing, industrial dosage, metal piping manufacturing, food industry, logistics.